September 14, 2016 1 min read

Collonne de Jullet, Place de la Bastille, Paris

Collonne de Juillet, Place de la Bastille ... Genie de la Liberte


Paris is one of my favourite cities and i never need an excuse to visit.

It is always an inspiration ....... its sights & sounds, people & places ...... not forgetting its inimitable style.

That is why it will always be ............... toujours Paris.


Eiffel Tower,Paris,Vivien WalshEiffel Tower 


Les Invalides,Paris,Vivien WalshLes Invalides

 Cafe Society Paris, sidewalk cafeCafe Society, Paris


I Got Your Number! Doorway in ParisI Got Your Number! .... Parisian Doorway


Parisian ArchitectureParisian Architecture




Streetlights, ParisStreetlights

 Roissy CDG Aeroport ParisRoissy Aéroport Charles de Galle


Vivien Walsh
Vivien Walsh